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About Our Nonprofit Foundation in Little Rock, AR

An independently managed organization, the Derek Lewis Foundation has always been synonymous with selflessness, compassion, and a genuine desire to serve. Over the years, Dr. Lewis and his team have done a wonderful job of making our community a much better place.

Whether we are sponsoring initiatives or organizing events, we make sure that our presence is felt, particularly among the underprivileged. We never discriminate when choosing our beneficiaries because we believe that every human being in need deserves our wholehearted support.

Our Mission and Vision

The Derek Lewis Foundation’s mission is to improve community health through prevention and education. We have two primary areas of focus:

  1. Improve community health by providing awareness and education on the risks of obesity
  2. Empower the next generation of youth through scholastic endeavors

We partner with various organizations in order to achieve our mission. Our partners include nonprofit entities, businesses, educational institutions, and private donors who may co-fund programs or assist in bringing multiple parties together that will work toward improving health in the community.

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Executive Board of Directors

 Derek Lewis, Sr., MD  Derek Lewis II  Karen Lewis  Loretta Thomas  Theresa Timmons  Aeiress Duhart-Lewis